THE EVIL SHOEMAKER (and the dumb merchant?)

Monday, November 08, 2010

While browsing through my event photos, I stumbled upon this folder of 2007.

The photos were made during a feast of our umbrella society LHO. It was not part of the feast, but a few of us DB guys just decided to have some fun with making photos. We came up with the following story as we went along:

(and the dumb merchant?)

In the Year of our Lord 1370 in the town of Deventer...

There lived a happy merchant couple.

And a master shoemaker...

who made lovely leather items.

Upon a wintersday, merchant Johan Crullinghe and his friend Laurens Johanss Lewe were walking along the Noordenbergerstrate...

where they encountered one of the shoemakers houses and had a look inside.

Johan had been thinking about a gift for his wife and there he saw lots of pretty merchandise lying on this shoemakers table.

Inside Johan and Laurens enthusiastically greeted the good craftsman, called Iohannes Beterdansiinvader (betterthanhisfather).

The shoemaker showed all his goods and Johans attention was drawn to a particular patten.

A good price was negotiated. The poor shoemaker was torn to let go of such a beautiful piece of superb craftsmanship.

Good silver coin was handed over...

in exchange for the patten.
(note the malicious look in the shoemakers eye...)

Extremely delighted with the new aqcuisition of such a precious and superb patten they went to Johans home.

There, good spirited and with the patten hidden behind his back, Johan beckoned to his wife.

Engele was in full and glad surprise when she heard the news of a gift by her husband.

Johan went on his knees and offered his wife this token of his everlasting love and loyalty to her.

Engele accepted the patten and then asked Johan where the second one was. As pattens come in pairs because of your two feet...

Also, that one patten was plainly broken. The leather just came off...

A gift of ONE patten, and BROKEN at that.
Engele was at first saddened by this...

but this made way for Dissapointment! and Anger! towards her foolish husband!

"Token of your love!? Here! feel my token for this silly broken gift!"
And she smacked him in the face with the patten.

Furious, Johan and Laurens walked back to the shoemaker.

They took the evil shoemaker, who had sold Johan this one broken patten, by surprise.

Johan and Laurens pulled him over the table, patten heaved high in the air...

and SMACK!
"Take that, you evil shoemaker! That will teach you selling damaged goods to good citizens!"

Johan took back his money and left the patten in the care of the shoemaker.

Back home he told the news and his wife forgave him.

And all was well again!!!


I must admit, we had lots of fun making these photos. Let's do it again some day! 8-)

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