Needlebound mittens

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before we left for Visby two weeks ago, I was clearing out the 'medieval room' in our home and came across this yarn I dyed ages ago with madder and that was handspun by my mother somewhere in the 70's. I told myself to finally do something useful with it. I took the wool with me to Sweden, hoping I would find someone there who could teach me needlebinding.

I'm not sure how common needlebinding was in the Low Countries during the 14th century, but as my hands are ALWAYS cold I simply needed something right away. 'I can always do the research later,' I thought. And if they turn out to be completely wrong, I can always use them in my 21st century life.

Luckily Martina from Carnis was willing to teach me needlebinding. I had tried the technique before, but never managed to get further then a few rows, then forgot how to do it again and ultimately just abandon the whole project. This time I started and never really quit before the project was done. Even while traveling home, I almost worked non-stop, on the boat and in the car. Last Friday I finished the last thumb and yesterday I felted them. For those who want to know: I used the mammen-stitch for this project.

And now, I'm a really happy girl! No more cold hands!!! And I have enough wool left to do a pair of socks as well, so no more cold feet either.

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