Peeckel - Mosterdsaus - Mustard sauce

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I know I promised to share the recipes we made in Eindhoven earlier this summer, but I just didn't have the time to far. Here's the first one in a row (hopefully the rest will follow soon-ish).

The original recipe is from a Flemish cookbook that dates to c. 1560. A bit late for Deventer Burgerscap maybe, but all the ingredients are right for the 14th century and it is just such a nice and easy recipe I couldn't resist making it. Plus, since it is eaten cold it works really well for warm summer weather. I'd even make it in 'normal life' to use as a barbeque sauce.

The middle dutch text is as follows:
Om peeckel te maecken neempt wat pelmeye ende doter vat mosters toe met vat greyn poyers ende menght dese wel te samen.
To make mustard sauce Take some applesauce and add some mustard with ground grains of paradise. Mix this well together.
Really, it doesn't get much easier. That is exactly what I did. If you use homemade apple sauce squeeze it trough a seeve of cheese cloth first, to get rid om any lumps of apple. Add mild mustard to taste (I used about 1 tbsp of mustard to 3/4 à 1 cup of apple sauce). Than add freshly ground grains of paradise. This really makes the finishing touch. In emergencies you could substitute this by black pepper if you can't get hold of grains of paradise.

Enjoy it with sausages or roast meat (works really well with pork)!

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